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Boston Trademarks/Copyrights/Unfair Competition Attorneys

Intellectual Property Lawyers In Greater Boston, Massachusetts

Trademark And Service Mark Registration And Protection | Unfair Competition | Licensing Matters

As information technology evolves, so, too, does our ability to communicate with one another rapidly – and so, too, does the need for intellectual property protection become ever more important.

At the law firm of Finneran & Nicholson, P.C., we have been providing trademark and intellectual property law advice since 1984.

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A significant number of our business and corporate clients have retained our services for decades. These are clients who turn to us to handle many business concerns, including:

  • Service mark, trademark and copyright enforcement, protection and litigation
  • State and federal trademark and service mark registration
  • Protecting goodwill
  • Common law copyright matters and copyright registration
  • Disputes including trade secret matters and noncompete issues
  • Unfair business practices
  • Intellectual property audits and strategies
  • Contractual confidentiality contracts and nondisclosure agreements

Trademarks, Copyrights And Other Protection Strategies

Most businesses benefit from an intellectual property audit in which an experienced lawyer can analyze the strengths and weaknesses in each intellectual property matter. After an assessment, we can help you understand your options and protection possibilities along with the costs associated with each level of trademark or service mark registration. Finally, we can assist you in implementing an intellectual property strategy that works for your bottom line, affording you protection while staying within your budget.

Be Proactive

There are times when a client has been using a name for a long time but never bothered to register it and now they have received a notice to cease and desist from using a particular name. We can provide you with cost-effective, knowledgeable guidance in the early stages of your business that can protect your business name, product or service before it is too late.

Get Protection Today

To answer your specific concerns related to trademarks and copyrights or any other intellectual property matter, please contact one of our experienced intellectual property attorneys at 978-462-1514 or contact us through email to schedule an initial consultation.