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North Shore Bankruptcy Lawyer

Even in a bullish economy, businesses can experience ups and downs. When an economy is struggling, the potential for financial challenges increases, whether you are a small business, an individual, business owner(s), the founder of a brokerage firm, the CFO of a multinational corporation or many others. Many of our business clients have been with us since our firm’s establishment, in 1984.

North Shore, Merrimack Valley, Greater Boston And New Hampshire Debt-Relief Lawyers

At the law firm of Finneran & Nicholson, P.C., we help individuals and business clients identify possible solutions to confront financial challenges from risk management to bankruptcy.

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Realistic, Farsighted Solutions To Overcoming Financial Risk And Challenges

Our bankruptcy law attorneys help clients plan, structure and implement business and personal transactions in situations where business and personal assets are at financial risk. Among the ways that we assist businesses and individuals confronting financial challenges range from:

Comprehensive, Experienced, Insightful Debt-Relief Legal Guidance

We review and analyze your financial situation and review various alternatives including bankruptcy. Depending on the nature of each client’s specific circumstances, we seek to help the client:

  • Explore solutions including asset protection and business continuation
  • Navigate, and perhaps prevent, foreclosures
  • Refinance mortgages
  • Reduce and, if possible, avoid tax claims and tax liens
  • Develop strategies to deal with untimely repossession
  • Realign with a sound, realistic plan for financial stability and success
  • Gain relief from creditor harassment
  • Negotiate workouts with creditors

Answers And Advocacy On Your Timeline

To discuss your specific legal concerns related to financial risk, financial planning, bankruptcy, broker concerns or any other business matter, please email or call to arrange a consultation with an experienced, intelligent and understanding lawyer at 978-462-1514. We return all forms of communication promptly.