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Commercial And Residential Real Estate Attorneys

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Operating a business involves a multitude of needs for which our legal assistance proves helpful. Chief among those needs is the acquisition and leasing of commercial real estate. It is important to retain experienced legal counsel to assure you that the path you are embarking on is one with a solid foundation that can bring you success, rather than legal challenges.

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Committed To Providing Efficient And Careful Counsel

At the law firm of Finneran & Nicholson, P.C., we are committed to providing each of our individual and business clients with careful and efficient counsel related to any real estate transaction, question or dispute. Our team of lawyers offers comprehensive real estate legal services for clients involved in a broad range of business matters, including those seeking to lease commercial space, purchase international headquarters, develop malls or to secure a manufacturing facility.

Accomplish Your Goals While Minimizing Your Risk

When you retain our law firm, we bring many decades of experience and knowledge of issues involved in real estate transactions, development and financing to your door to help you resolve your concerns efficiently, effectively and with confidence.

Experienced In Both Business And Real Estate

Because our law firm offers experienced business as well as real estate counsel, we have the ability to view each potential real estate concern through both lenses and to help you to navigate through your real estate legal matter with ease.

Real estate services that our attorneys provide include:

Prompt Responses To Your Questions And Concerns

To answer your specific concerns related to any commercial or residential real estate matter or any other legal matter, please contact our law firm by email or at 978-462-1514 to schedule an initial consultation.