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Boston Securities Litigation/Arbitration Lawyer

 Broker-Dealers, Securities And Shareholder Litigation And Arbitration In The Greater Boston Area

Securities Disputes

At the law office of Finneran & Nicholson, P.C., our attorneys have broad experience representing individual and institutional clients in shareholder litigation, securities-related litigation, arbitration and enforcement actions.

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Knowledgeable In The Highly Regulated Area Of Securities Law And Litigation

Securities litigation and arbitration is considerably regulated. We offer to our clients attorneys whose practice has centered primarily in the area of securities law and litigation for more than 25 years and the reassurance and confidence that comes with this level of depth in one area of law.

Representing A Broad Range Of Diverse Clients

While our law firm represents clients and investors in the securities industry, our clients also include those employed in the industry, including securities brokers, registered representatives, investment advisers and broker-dealers – including two of the 10 largest privately held broker-dealers in the nation. Issues our clients turn to us for include:

  • SEC regulatory compliance audits
  • Securities law concerns
  • Issues of adviser compliance
  • Supervisory procedures
  • Arbitration matters, including fraud arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Customer disputes representation
  • Appeals

We also have defended a significant number of our corporate clients in legal matters related to shareholder derivative disputes.

Thoroughly Prepared, Flexible, Yet Detail-Oriented Defense

Arbitration is very different from the trial court. There are no exchanges of documents or depositions beforehand. The first time you may meet the claimant is when you appear as defense counsel before the arbitration panel. You need to be prepared, not only beforehand, but to think quickly on your feet and know your client’s case backwards and forwards. The key to a case is often in the details, and our clients know we are good at the kinds of details and quick-thinking that can make or break a case.

Committed To Protecting Your Interests

To discuss your securities matter with an experienced securities arbitration lawyer, please call to schedule a consultation at our Newburyport main office at 978-462-1514 or contact us through email.