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Mergers And Acquisitions/Sale Of Business And Or Assets/Business Finance Lawyers – Greater Boston Area

Lawyers Guiding Businesses Through Mergers, Acquisitions And Sale Of Assets And Stock

When two companies successfully join forces by means of a merger, asset acquisition and/or stock purchases and sales, opportunities arise that can lead to expansion and growth that might never have been possible for either company individually. A well-designed acquisition or sale structure takes into account important contingencies and can foster growth and success for both of the companies involved.

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At the law firm of Finneran & Nicholson, P.C., we represent clients in transactions that include sale of assets, buying and selling businesses, mergers and acquisitions and business finance. Our clients include manufacturing companies, distribution companies, franchisees of major national franchisors, investment advisers, broker-dealers, consulting companies, software developers, retail operators, commercial developers, landlords, hotel management services, as well as CEOs, presidents, boards of directors, business owners, shareholders and others who need skilled, trustworthy and timely legal guidance to move their business to the next level.

Helping Businesses Come Together And Grow

Whether you are selling an established business or a wildly successful startup, contemplating a merger or acquisition or seeking business financing, you need experienced, resourceful legal counsel who know how to put your interests first, overcome many obstacles or disputes and how to analyze and review the deal with the detail and precision of a diamond cutter. The firm’s approach to the law was shaped by its founder’s early experience at internationally recognized business law firms. This experience provides a strong foundation for the Firm.

We represent clients locally, nationally and internationally.  We bring the sophistication and effectiveness of a large, Wall Street firm to Main Street – many of our business clients have been with us since the beginning, drawing on our considerable experience throughout the life of their business. We believe we can earn your trust and satisfaction, too.

Navigate Smoothly Through State And Federal Qualifications

With our detailed knowledge of state and federal merger and acquisition laws, we will make sure that you fulfill all state and federal qualifications so that when you complete your deal, it is well and truly done.

Business Finance

We can advise you on the methods of financing a business that are in your long-term best interests. We will work with your advisors to create the most appropriate plan for you to buy assets, expand into a new line, downsize, structure stock sales and acquisitions, borrow from a bank or secure mezzanine financing for your venture.

Get Advice Today

To answer your specific concerns about mergers and acquisitions, business finance, business sales or any other legal matter, please contact one of our attorneys by email or call 978-462-1514.