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Business Law Attorney – Greater Boston Area

Working Together For The Life Of Your Business

Business Law | Business Organization | Business Operation

Whether you are starting your first business and need formation guidance, you are purchasing a franchise and need contract analysis or you are an international business owner seeking a business acquisition in the United States or a large commercial building for expansion, Finneran & Nicholson, P.C., has the experience, skills and the commitment to  assist you in achieving your success.

Founded in 1984, our law firm provides timely, resourceful legal advice on a broad spectrum of business matters, including compliance, business formation, operation and contracts restructuring, employment matters, dealing with vendors and customers and disposition of the business.

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Quality Service That Is Client-Focused

While our team of business lawyers handle legal matters for clients in the Greater Boston area, the United States and Europe, our law firm is based in Newburyport. Locating our office outside the metropolitan Boston area allows us to offer cost-effective and client-focused legal services in which your interests come first.

It Is Our Business To Learn Your Business

Our initial objective with every business client is to efficiently learn, in detail, the specific requirements of each client’s business so that we can provide the most appropriate, comprehensive and spot-on legal services to every one of our clients. We bring a legal perspective that comes with years of successful counsel.


We review a broad range of issues with each client and their accountant or other tax professional to help them establish:

  • The most appropriate business entity, whether it be sole proprietorship, general partnership, corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership.
  • A balanced power allocation among business owners and operators, including shareholder agreements, voting trusts, operating agreements, buy-back agreements and partnership agreements.
  • Strategies to manage risk and protect assets.

Operation And Compliance

Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneurial startup, internationally based business client or wealthy risk-taker, our attorneys meet you where you are and assist you in matters that include:

New World Strategies, Old World CommitmentSM

To learn more about how we can assist you with a specific legal concern, please call us at our main telephone number 978-462-1514 or contact us through email.