How an employee handbook can help your company

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A well-run business can benefit from a good employee handbook. Employers develop employee handbooks to help inform employees about employment expectations, company policies, benefits and employee rights.

A company can have an extensive employee handbook or a more simplified version. Employers may decide how to structure their guide depending on the number of workers they have.

Ensures even application of policies

If a company spells out its policies in an employee manual, the entity will have an easier time enforcing the rules. Employees will know the employer’s position on a particular situation, such as taking leave, absences or late arrivals. Management can refer to any employee manual’s consequences to support disciplinary actions. Workers will also have confidence that managers enforce the rules fairly if they follow the written guidelines.

Protects from discrimination claims

An employee handbook should inform workers of their rights and explain the company’s position on offering a discrimination- and harassment-free workplace. The manual should contain all disclosures as required by Massachusetts law. The company policy should expressly prohibit discrimination and harassment by its employees towards others.

The company can provide a process for employees to file complaints through the company. Allowing an internal grievance process can resolve many claims before an employee seeks government action or a private lawsuit.

Employee handbooks are valuable tools for employers to help in overall employee relations. Making more information available regarding company rules and policies benefits the workers. A well-informed workforce is more motivated and willing to strive toward company goals.